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Travelbound, SkiBound and JCA are specialists in providing activity holidays for children on school trips, youth groups and Summer Camps. We have over 9 resorts across the UK and France and have been in operation for over 25 years! All three brands have something completely different to offer, from Skiing in the Alps to outdoor activities in the UK! Providing an exceptional experience for our customers is our priority and we feel that our staff are key in making this possible.

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From Shropshire to the beautiful French Alps, we have a variety of roles available in both the UK and France

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Live the adventure

“My seasonal position taught me new skills and developed the skills I already had.”

Will, Skibound Winter 19/20

Chef in the kitchen


Commis Chef - Winter Ski 17/18

"I learnt more in a SkiBound kitchen than I did cooking in the UK"

Standing on top of a mountain

activity instructor

Ryanne Errington

JCA Apprentice Activity Instructor/ Group Leader 2018

"Working a season at JCA is both challenging and full of enjoyment and amazing experiences"

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