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  • I've made an application with Get Up and Go Jobs, how long will it take for a response?

    Thank you for your application! Our Seasonal Recruitment team will soon be reviewing the suitability of your CV and application for your chosen job role.
    In peak times, we can receive hundreds of applications each week and the turnaround may be 2 - 3 weeks.
    In quieter times, our team will aim to contact you within 1 week of receiving your application.
    You will typically be contacted via email in the first instance and our team will update you on your progress and the details of the next stage of the recruitment process.

  • I know I want to work a season, but I'm not sure what role would be best suited to my skill set.

    That's great you want to work for us! Please take the time to read carefully through the job adverts to give you a good understanding of what each job role consists of - this should help in matching your experience to a suitable role.
    If you are still unsure - no problem! Just drop our Seasonal Recruitment team an email and they'll be very happy to advise:
    [email protected]

  • I'm interested in more than one job role, should I apply for several job roles?

    It's great to hear that several job roles have taken your fancy! However, we would ask you to apply for just ONE position.
    Our Seasonal Recruitment team assess applications across all roles and brands. They may discuss other opportunities with you over the phone and at this stage, you are also welcome to register your interest for other positions.

  • What documentation is required for a job role overseas with Get Up and Go Jobs?

    As of 2020, our overseas roles are eligible to UK and EU passport holders residing in the UK, elsewhere in Europe or the rest of the world.
    Our Seasonal Recruitment team may also need to see evidence of other documents which could include: residency permit, bank statement, national insurance number and proof of address.
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us directly should you have any queries regarding this: [email protected]

  • I am making an application with my friend/ partner/ family member. Can we be placed together if successful?

    It's great to hear you're both interested! When applying, please make individual applications for the role you are most interested in and feel you are best suited to - this is very important for our Seasonal Recruitment team as you will have different experience and skillsets. Just make sure to include your friend/ partner or family member's name in your application.
    Where possible, we will always try to place you together. In exceptional circumstances, this may not be possible. Our Seasonal recruitment team will be in touch to discuss this furtehr with you.

  • I've booked onto an assessment day. What is the dress code and what should I bring with me?at the dress code is?

    You don't need to dress overly formal, as we are a travel company. However, we do always recommend that you are well presented as you are attending an interview.
    Please bring the original documents specified on your confirmation email and a pen and paper or note pad. And don't forget your personality! We know you'll be nervous on the day but it's a great opportunity to showcase the real you.

  • I have booked onto an assessment day/ Skype interview. I am no longer able to attend. Am I able to reschedule?

    A lot of time and effort goes into planning your interview, if you are unable to attend please do let us know, ideally 24hrs in advance so we can look at rearranging your interview for another time.
    If you would like to cancel your interview but are not interested in rearranging, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • I recently attended an assessment day, but haven't heard back yet regarding the outcome.

    Our recruitment executives will be busy, carefully reviewing the notes from your assessment day. This process can take up to 5 working days. Regardless of the outcome of the interview one of the Get Up and Go Jobs team will be in contact to let you know whether you have been sucessful or unsucessful and to provide feedback from the day.

  • I have attended an assessment day and have been told that I am on the standby list, what happens now?

    Congratulations for making it sucessfully through the recruitment process and receiving a standby offer!
    Our standby list is based on a performance scale. If a position becomes available our Seasonal Recruitment team will be in touch to let you know!
    It is important to remember that a standby offer is not a rejection - our team will be in touch as soon as they can, so be sure to respond to any emails or calls, it could be your turn to travel to resort!

  • I have been unsuccessful in applying for a job role. Can I reapply?

    Whilst we're sorry to hear that the job role wasn't quite right for you on this occassion, you are welcome to reapply in 6 months time.
    Please also be aware that our Seasonal Recruitment team consider applications across all roles. Therefore, if you are unsuccessful in one role but our team feel you are better suited to another role or brand, they will have this conversation with you.